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Planungsseite fürs Chaos Communication Camp 2019

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Beware: Voucher replication happens roughly once a day. Have patience.

How to buy

Go to the presale system, enter your received voucher under "Redeem a voucher" (DE: Gutschein einlösen). Now you can add the desired ticket type to your cart. Roughly at the day your payment is confirmed you'll receive a new voucher code, send this one to the next person listed unter "Voucher needed" and move the corresponding entry to "Voucher received". Also change your status to "Ticket bought". Please buy and pay as fast as possible since only then the voucher replicates and another visitor can get his ticket. When in doubt ask the person you've got the voucher from for help.

Voucher received

  • delphiN, freifunk (at) wunschik (punkt) net
  • fritzoid, fritzi.h (äd) gmx (pungd) net
  • matmai, m_m (at) freakmail (punkt) de
  • fl00df1ll, comm1968 (at) yahoo (pungd) de

Voucher needed

  • Bitte eintragen...